AA Philippines Dealer Conference 2023

20 Oct 2023


AA Philippines Dealer Conference 2023 was held last 20 October 2023 at Marriott Grand Ballroom, Marriott Manila with 33 customers, total of 82 participants and 25 Bosch Associates.


The event theme is “Dare to Compete, Evolve to Win” to remind the dealers that the world is changing, evolving, and in order to grow and be successful, we need to adapt, overcome fear, and take risks.


Dealers were welcomed with fun games (amusement arcade) at the foyer to hint a competitive vibe. Then, the program started with a Filipino gameshow inspired quiz, with general information questions and answer choices start with B-O-S-C-H.


Second part of the program started with a mood setter video showing clips about competitions. Then, Paulo Duarte officially welcomed the guests and gave an overview of Bosch in the Philippines and the outlook 2024. Marcio Coelho, shared about the New Era of Mobility – automated driving, electrification and complete portfolio of what Bosch can offer. Invited guest speaker, Michael Jenko, discussed about Bosch beyond classic combustion engines – battery electric, fuel cell, hydrogen combustion engine and e-fuels. The last presenter, Michael Tengonciang, gave a glimpse of what Bosch AA Marketing has done for 2022, what they are continue doing this 2023 and what they plan to do in 2024.


Top performers were also recognized, not only the dealers but the Key Account Managers working to achieve targets in eXtra loyalty and Bosch Modules.