AA PH synergized with Bosch Fan Fair activities

21 Oct 2023

Last October 21-22, 2023 was the annual Bosch Fan Fair powered by Bosch Professional Power Tools. It was held at one of the upscale and high traffic mall strips in Metro Manila – C1 Park, Bonifacio Highstreet.


As a tradition, Bosch Fan Fair is an exhibition opportunity for the customers of Bosch Power Tools to showcase woodworks and local talents. Bosch AA PH and other GB’s (BT and BSH) were invited to maximize the event and display/sell products and services.


Exclusive price offering and freebies for Bosch Horns and Bosch Wipers were given during the weekend activity, resulting to 60 sets Horns and 50 sets Wipers sold. Other products on display are Brakes, Filters, Batteries and Bulbs.


Fun activities such as live acoustic band, live cooking show and interactive booth games are prepared to entertain the crowd.